The Flower Council's May Houseplants of the Month

Every month I receive an email from the Flower Council detailing their Houseplants of the Month. The subject of their email for the coming month May is ‘In & Out’ plants.

In & Out plants are ones that are suitable for you to keep both in your garden and indoors. These plants are so versatile because some people like to extend their garden into their homes, whereas others like to make their garden a second home. 

With the diverse colour palettes of flowers such as Calla Lilies, Campanula, Cockscomb, Balloon Flowers and Lilies, In & Out plants are a vibrant way to blend your garden and your home together.

Many of the flowers pictured above are available from April to September, blooming in the second half of Spring and through Summer. If you are keeping these flowers indoors, I’d recommend keeping them in a cool and well-lit area to ensure the longest possible period of flowering. Although the two species of lily mentioned in this blog post only need watering once a week, campanulas, cockscombs and balloon flowers need much more consistent attention and you should make sure that their soil is always slightly damp.

If you’re keeping these flowers in the garden, both full sunlight and partial shade will be enough to keep them flowering through their season. 

In & Out plants are perfect for brightening up the rooms in your house with shades of white, yellow, purple, pink and many more bright tones. 

We specialise in creating bespoke flower arrangements, which includes In & Out plants. If you’d like to know how we can create a bespoke flower arrangement for any occasion, get in touch or give us a call on 01394 385525.